Webinar on IFRS 9: Preparing for the 2018 Go-Live

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Prometeia’nın katkılarıyla 3 Ekim Salı günü  IFRS9 konulu bir webinar verilecektir.

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We invite you to the webinar panel discussion on IFRS 9: Preparing for the 2018 Go-Live


3 PM BST – 4 PM CET – 10 AM EDT


For our upcoming webinar, we have gathered three leading IFRS 9 experts from the Austrian Financial Market Authority, BNP Paribas and Erste Group to discuss the remaining IFRS 9 concerns as the industry edges closer to the deadline. In collaboration with Marcus Evans.


Duration: 1 hour




  • Bringing together the industry’s leading lights
  • Understand the expectations of the regulator in the lead up to the IFRS 9 deadline and their intentions for harmonizing the standard across banks
  • Get clarity on how to handle the specific modelling and data challenges for banks using the standardized approach
  • Hear the panelists thoughts on ECL Model capability to predict downturns in advance
  • Benchmark approaches to IFRS 9 model development for low default portfolios
  • Learn how robust IT systems can handle the expected data volumes that IFRS 9 impairment processes will generate and how this will lead to the overall enrichment of your institution’s risk integration


The speakers


David Grünberger – Head of IFRS 9 Enforcement Division, Austrian Financial Market Authority

Adrian Docherty – Managing Director and Head of Bank Advisory Corporate & Institutional Banking, Bnp Paribas

Christian Düsterberg – Head of Risk Methods & Models, Erste Group Bank

Altin Kadareja – Manager, Prometeia